Today I rocked the brand-new vest that I bought last night when I went out with The GirlsTM, so I felt cute. Not only was it the only vest in the entire store, but it’s a size down from what I normally buy AND IT FIT!

Of course, I did take it off before I ate dinner today, so the buttons wouldn’t blow off and blind anyone within a 25-mile radius. 😉

Anyway, I don’t talk about my friends much on this page (probably because they read it — *waves*). But we did have someone from outside the usual circle decide to join us for a post-shopping dinner last night. And it was fine but, man, was it weird.

With this particular group of friends, we’d started out planning most of our outings in a public forum. But given that a solid, core group of us had formed and no one else seemed to be joining us anyway, we typically plan our events off-list.

For me, it means a nice, dependable, monthly outing with people I like and trust who won’t disown me if I don’t make it to any of the other events in-between pilgrimages to the various corners of the greater D.C. area.

Anyway, our last event was planned online so that we could maybe introduce some new people to the group. Since two of our core six members came later than our original Fab Four in this very way, we are always up for finding another person to make the growing circle complete.

We’d kept membership at females-only. Which has been fine and fun but yeah, we’re still hot-blooded chicks who could use a distraction, too. 😉 So, fine, all the men who said they wanted to join the group, the doors were opened for them.

So, this one dude decides to join us last night. And he was smart and articulate and seemed to be doing well for himself. But one has to wonder why a man his age would come pal around with a half-dozen 30-ish women.

Then again, I probably just answered the question myself!

And the fact that he drove almost as far as I did, as we do a traveling circus of sorts, just to come eat with us was, hmm, interesting, I guess.

I don’t know if we were worth the drive for him, since we all sort of stared at him in curiosity. 😉

A couple of the girls had mentioned in passing that they’d had a meal they liked at Golden Corral. (Ugh. Bleargh. Yecch. And Barf.) It was the one conversation topic that got him all aglow, and he invited all of us out to the Golden Corral this week.

(If you’re not familiar, it’s a buffet. I am not a fan of buffets in general because of the unwashed masses who stuff themselves stupid. I went to a Golden Corral in Pittsburgh a couple years ago for Thanksgiving since we have no holiday traditions. In a word, I repeat: barf.)

We all turned him down. Not to be mean at all, but it must be nice for him to be able to leave work at a reasonable hour and drive out to wherever the hell they have one of those. The rest of us work nights and holidays and everything in-between.

So, I don’t know whether we’ll see Buffet Boy again or whether we’ll continue restricting the gatherings to either ladies-only or simply just using the ol’ e-mail chain with the trusted few.

And I guess I wouldn’t say it was an epic FAIL in letting men join the group; I guess we all just had a very different idea of how it would go. In any case, ya gotta give mad props to someone who thinks he can take on six strong ladies all by himself!

In any case, I’m still waiting for evidence that there are still single, sexy bachelors in my age bracket in the metro D.C. area. I’m beginning to think it’s time to leave town to get me one of those. …

One Lonely Response to ‘Corralled’

  1. Neil Morse :

    I’m a single, sexy bachelor in your age bracket in the Metro D.C. area. What the hell else kind of proof do you need?!