O Whatta Night

Am clearly not so good at the daily blogging part of National Blog Posting Month. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll have 30 posts by the end of the month, just concentrated in four days!

I was on a Top-Super-Seekrit Mission this week that mercifully ended last night. I was asked to moderate a panel at a convention and it would also be webcast. I wasn’t really nervous about it until yesterday when I realized I hadn’t prepared a thing for it.

So I did write down some remarks that were mostly boring but at least they served the purpose. And I was fine as I sat on the dais in front of about 300 people (and who knows how many viewers at home). But when the dude doing the recording in the back signaled to me that it was “go” time, I damn near had to stave off a full-fledged panic attack.

I’m one who gets nervous about nothing, mind you (other than wondering whether I’ll ever get my happily ever after. Everything else, I presume, will work itself out).

I figured with the very, ah, strong personalities and love of talking that my panelists possessed would save me. I mean, for all intents and purposes, it was just a televised staff meeting. And they did great. Really, really great. I mean, to be considered “good enough” to be seen in public with this crew is not a small feat.

But when I heard the sound of my own voice … in the microphone … and people waiting for the pearls of wisdom I would share and bring out of my guests … the only thing that ran through my head was, “Don’t say fuck. Don’t say fuck. OMG, don’t say FUCK!”

I didn’t say fuck. Clearly, it was the only thing ON MY MIND, but it didn’t come out. And, in that, success!

Everyone assured me that I did fine. (Could they not HEAR the terror that overtook my voice? Which went away when the session ran longer than expected and the cameras got shut off?) I even got higher compliments than that, actually.

The highest compliment of all came simply from being nominated me to do this, as some Very Important People actually thought I would do well and not publicly embarrass the company. And really, everyone was happy with me as the choice. I don’t know why. Do I NOT come across as a blithering, blathering dipshit? Because, I do have more of those moments than cohesive, articulate ones. In case you haven’t gleaned that from reading this page. 😉

Anyway, it’s over. Yay. I treated myself to a $15 glass of pinot noir and a bowl of pumpkin soup to celebrate. (I didn’t know the pinot cost as much as a BOTTLE elsewhere.) I figured I’d be served the house label and not the Estancia.

But you know what? That wine was da bomb. Truly worth driving the ol’ checking account deeper negative numbers. 😉 Hey, I earned it!

To top off a great night, I heard from my out-of-town connection, and I find myself actually starting to get a little antsy. Like, OK, I like being a few hundred miles apart because I don’t have the time to devote to anything other than my career and preserving my sanity.

But yesterday was the first time I hung up the phone and held it to my heart for a few moments, not quite sure what I was feeling but knowing that this is fine but maybe it’s not enough. I’m very cool with things unfolding as they may, if at all, and if it’s nothing, then that’s quite OK too. But at some point, a girl’s gotta find out.

In either case, as I swirled my wine in the glass, sniffed it like the pro I’ve become and nodded at all the people who looked my way, I smiled. A real, genuine, from-the-depths-of-my soul smile. It’s not that I was proud of anything I said or did last night, or that I was happy to not have embarrassed myself or my organization, but that I felt like I was going to turn out OK after all.

Here’s to hoping that wasn’t just the wine talking. 😉

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