Can has vacation?

Lady L have already made plans for dinner tonight AND tomorrow night. The week is THAT challenging already.

Apparently I just did something to screw up a product launch. It was unintentional, of course. And of all the layers of upper-management (of which I am somehow one) approval I procured, I didn’t involve the one person who would have thrown the brakes on my approach.

Damn it to hell.

The good news is that I get to cancel my dreaded 3 p.m. meeting. There’s hope yet for this day.

I just had a random memory, of someone I dated back when I lived on my own. (Aaaah, those were the days.) I remember being as feisty and independent as I am now. And I remember this man saying to me that his greatest fantasy was to give me a bath.

I of course was skeeved the hell out and, needless to say, we ended shortly afterward. 🙂

He had said it was one of the most-vulnerable states in the world. And for someone so adamant about having a force-field around her, he would consider that a true victory in breaking down the fortress and 20-foot moat I have around me at all times.

I don’t know why that memory came to me today. Probably because I feel like Rapunzel being stuck in the castle the day after she gets her hair cropped for the summer. The moment where I want to stop fighting and say, OK, I’m vulnerable.

And whoever’s around, just don’t hurt me. Because I don’t have it in me to fight back anymore.

So tired. …

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