So blue, I’m black

I’m exhausted. Between the physical labor Saturday, the sitting around Sunday, and the emotional havoc of my home life, I’m at my wits’ end.

Apparently the UEOEH called my cousin — my last bastion of hope — about staying with her. She refused.

Great. Apparently NOBODY wants a dependent for life. Go figure!

I’m so blue, I’m black at this point.

And surprisingly, she says she has a babysitting job tomorrow. And she didn’t ask me for any money for gas. Proving that yesterday’s text was a hoax. Or else Ms. Martyr 2010 is going to run the car on fumes.

My boss told me to buy her a plane ticket to Pittsburgh. Not my problem if nobody picks her up at the airport. And to send a moving van with her car with it. That the few grand I drop now to do this will pay off in spades for the rest of my life.

Is it wrong to block her number when I’m paying the bill? 😉

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