Rooty tooty fresh ‘n fruity

Bellagio Winter Garden 34, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

I’m taking advantage of photos supposedly being able to speak a thousand words, ’cause I’m out of the ones that have more than four letters.

Spent all week editing and got caught with my gutchies down yesterday when I was supposed to have been WRITING. So that’s what I did. Which means someone will ask me today why I haven’t made much editing progress.

I terminated a relationship with a shitty vendor (am so tempted to link to them) only to be told to un-terminate it for one more month. Although I tried to explain that a great deal of my time goes to managing their overwhelming incompetence, I was good and asked if we could undo the orders, but as usual they didn’t get back to me. It has taken me since Jan. 18 to get these bastards on the phone, if that tells you anything. When they said my contact was on the phone, I was like, “I will hold all day if I have to.” And the want to meet with me to sell me on future services. FUCKING HAH.

I can’t win. I don’t know why I even try. Oh wait, yes I do know. It’s that AutoAlert from my bank that arrives at midnight on the 31st and 15th.

Yesterday I arrived home to more whining and complaining a court summons over a ticket I didn’t have the money to pay. Eat me with whipped cream and a fucking cherry on top over that suspended registration. Gah. Like I don’t have enough goddamned problems.

I did get some good news today in that Tuesday is now a free day on my trip. I suppose I should be a good girl and catch up on months of backlog. But shit, maybe this is a sign from the gods that I can ease out of crisis mode for a day. But if I slow down for a minute, I might just go straight into apoplectic shock. I mean, no cats, no family, no e-mails … what if my only contribution to the world is meant to be making things easier on everyone else? Will the Apocalypse occur if I am actually calm and happy for once?

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