Blast from the present

It’s been a great weekend, minus that speeding ticket I got on Friday night. Who knew that going 85 in a 55 is frowned upon? See, my problem was that I kicked out my staff early in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. (Which mostly turned out to be a non-event.)

Word to the wise? If you want to stay safe in a hurricane, MOVE TO FLORIDA. Yes, ponder the irony.

Irony also exists in the fact that our cops and firemen were on the evening news the night before, telling us that if winds exceeded 45 mph, don’t even bother calling them. You get yourself into a jam, YOU figure it out.

So why the fuck weren’t these assclowns at home when I was trying to get my own happy ass home (to watch a marathon of “Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids Edition”)?

I told the cop I should have worked till 8 like I usually do — nobody pulls me over when I’m going 85 THAT late!

I deserved that ticket. But damn, it hurts to think about ALL THAT MONEY. That, and the fact that I have so many tickets from this year alone that I can’t do anything but go the speed limit for a LONG LONG TIME.

Oh well, the real point of this entry is to say that YES, it has been a great weekend. Had a lovely lovely alcoholic brunch yesterday with one of my nearest and dearest. Which was completely worth the swim we had to take across the parking lot, since we decided to drink our breakfast on the ocean.

And I had a wonderful night, too. Spent it with my favorite local boy. (*waving smelling salts for those playing along at home*) I don’t know … I think we might finally have this “friend” thing down pat.

I had such a good time. Seriously, I really really really enjoyed myself. And I was honest about a few things that have been troubling me. But now that I’ve had the chance to say them, I feel like I am finally at peace. And that we can, if we do continue being friends — which I sincerely hope we do — move forward from the same place.

I may be severely behind in my work, but on a personal level, I could not be happier with all the progress that took place in just the space of one day.

Thank you, universe. Maybe not so much for the ticket, but for giving me the glue known as friends to put this Humpty Dumpty back together again.

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