‘Bad girl, drunk by 6’

Skipped church today. I am sort of bummed about that because it usually means I’ve gotten up early, scrubbed mah butt and gotten some religion before noon. Meanwhile, it’s close to 3 p.m. and I’ve finally done the daily butt-scrubbing, although I’m not exactly “going out” ready just yet.

I did, however, get to watch “The Soup” and the preview of “Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant,” not to mention finally catching up on “Celebrity Rehab,” so I do think it’s fair to say this has been my most-productive Sunday yet.

Spent last night in Kensington, Md., for a full evening of Dave & Buster’s for drinks and games, dinner at Bertucci’s and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. White Flint blows for shopping, but as an eating destination? It’s a freaking dream. 😉

I made friends at D&B. I always do when I go out. It was mostly because we were contemplating the drink menu (my appetizer was a “tall” Guinness, which would have been enough to flood a small country) and I was spouting entirely too much knowledge of drink combinations and pop culture references. So we ended up befriending a couple who were listening to me babble and we started talking about the ’80s.

Which, if I may say, the female half of the couple? Wasn’t even on this planet for the first portion of the 1980s. And her date was older than me. I chuckle at these guys who pick up girls who are 20 years younger than them. Hey, no offense — more power to them. But he was telling me about his kids and I’m thinking, uh, they are probably your date’s age. 😉

In any case, my friend ordered a Sno-Cone drink, and it really did have a pretty gradient of colors, from pink at the bottom to purple in the middle to blue at the top. It tasted like a Now and Later (and of course the younger girl was all, “What’s a Now and Later?” and my friend and I had to walk away before the (gray) hairs stood up on our heads!

So I got the “Scooby Snack” drink this time around. I was sort of surprised when they handed it to me, because it wasn’t what I expected. It had coconut rum and banana liqueur in it, with a dash of Blue Curacao for color. The menu had said it would have whipped cream, but it didn’t, but oh well. As long as they don’t forget the booze, right? It was all good.

Anyway, the drink was delicious. But just as I was finishing it, my server found me and handed me another drink. I probably sounded like Scooby tee-heeing at getting two drinks for the price of one, as she said they made it “right” this time (she was out of whipped cream earlier).

You know what? The drink sucked with the whipped cream. I might have liked it had I not tasted the other version first, but meh. Now I know how to order it next time!

At dinner, my friend ordered a tiramisu martini at Bertucci’s, but wasn’t pleased with it. But before the server could take it back, I tried it and decided I was in love with it. It really does taste like tiramisu and if ever you should find yourself on a liquid diet, it would be divine. Next time, though, I’m sticking with “real” tiramisu, but in a pinch, the drink would definitely do.

I was thinking wow, I don’t remember much else about last night, but after all that booze, is it any wonder why?!?! 😉

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