Sweet stuff

Somethin’ Chocolate indeed, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

Had a lovely dinner with an attractive gentleman from out-of-town this evening. (Yes, we know each other and no, it wasn’t anything skeevy or questionable. Unfortunately!)

We hung out at the Red Rock Canyon Grill, and while my date was certainly photogenic, I instead captured the dessert, a lil somethin’ called “Somethin’ Chocolate.” Because every girl likes a lil’ chocolate. Well, more like a big, heaving heaping serving of it!

This included two brownies that tasted like they had some amaretto in them, surrounding vanilla ice cream, and topped with real whipped cream and cinnamon. Died —> went to heaven. Nom nom nom. …

One Lonely Response to Sweet stuff

  1. chris :

    sweet Jesus, that looks awesome