I’ll give you something to cry about

because I don’t live in a real state that does emissions at the time of inspection, my plate/tags got suspended. In 2006. So on top of my $140 ticket. I have to pay the state several hundred dollars in fees before they run the $100 test.

I handed them my AmEx to just get this shit overwith, only to be told that they only take visa. Hahaaa — I had $35 in my account. So I left and emptied my bank account — a fund I named “Paris” because that is where I dream of visiting.

Am back in line again and wondering WTF the universe is telling me. I know we all have our problems, but come on already. I an grateful to be able to cover this adventure, but my safety net is gone. Everyone in my life is looking toward me to supprt and save them and ain’t no one looking out for my peace of mind.

Not that I expect help from anyone. I just wish the universe would quit separating mr from my money because, even though it isn’t much, it is what buys the little distractions I have come to need so much.

I just hope I have enough money left over to go out tonight. I already had to cancel my lunch date. I also hope to afford the gym membership — at least it gets me out of work and keeps me away from home. And if that isn’t the most pathetic saving grace on earth, I don’t know what is.

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