I just found cute little party shoes this weekend (after two solid days of running around looking for party-wear, a sport at which I unfortunately failed miserably), and we’re expected to have four inches of snow on the ground by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow and Wednesday bringing the first soirees of the season.

My hatred of cold weather and precipitation is overwhelming. Because it’s ugly-shoe weather. That, and freezing-my-ass-off weather, as I am allergic to wool and thus do not own a proper winter coat.

*flips off Mother Nature*

One Lonely Response to Argh

  1. Inachis :

    Take the party shoes with you in a small bag and change shoes when you get to the party. That’s what I always do. Of course, I live in Finland = within the arctic circle and have to manage through over six months of snow, ice and freezing wheather each year.