In which you realize I am one of ‘those’ women who cries at Hallmark commercials

Because I wasn’t moved enough to tears in the sixth concentric circle of hell at Costco today, I watched “Under the Tuscan Sun.” God, that damn movie gets me every time. Because that should be my life.

In any event, I had to squee because Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh are lovers in this one — I totally forgot about that, and the squee was because those two are on my favorite show (“Grey’s Anatomy”), not to mention Kate also made an appearance on my beloved “ER.”

Do you “Grey’s” fans not simply love her as Addison Shepherd? I think I totally have a girl-crush on her. 😉 Ah, hell, a regular crush. She’s totally cracked my top 10 fantasy-inducers.

Anyway, the scene in the movie that gets me? When Sandra Oh has the baby and names her Alexandra. And Diane Lane says the line about how the Italian words for “giving birth” means to “give the child to the light.” And she opens the windows and shows Alexandra a gorgeous Tuscan sky. Then they take her out of the hospital with a little Elmo doll.

Reminds me of when (my friend’s little girl) Alexandria was born, and she’s such an Elmo addict. And all the ladybugs in the movie — I’ve always called Alex my little ladybug. And one night, when Shan and I were putting Alex down to sleep, a ladybug popped up on the screen door as we watched D.C.’s fireworks on a Fourth of July night.

Seriously — life imitates art in these parts. And once in a teeny, tiny while, it gets even better than that. I think, too often in Internet land, those small, significant moments go unblogged. But they never go unforgotten. …

One Lonely Response to In which you realize I am one of ‘those’ women who cries at Hallmark commercials

  1. IndigoSunMoon :

    I hate to admit this to you, but I haven’t seen Under The Tuscan Sun yet.
    I want to, just haven’t done it!