I’m in love

Heh. Never thought I’d type THOSE words anytime soon!

But I am. I went to visit an apartment community today, and they had me from the wafting aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in the clubhouse where I entered to visit with the rental agents.

Seriously, I’ve heard that when you’re selling a home or inviting a boy over to your house to pick you up for a date for the first time, you should throw something cinnamony and sugary in the oven to make the home feel all inviting and tempting and tantalizing and shit like that. Lemme tell you, chocolate chip cookies work too. 😉

We just need a little earth to stand on
Plant our hearts on solid ground
Turn the lights out on this city
And wake up in a new hometown.

Get the song here.

This was the first and only place I will be looking at. It’s four miles from work. FOUR MILES. Not 34!!! It’s got every amenity known to man, and even though they offered, “We have an Olympic-sized swimming pool,” I pointed to my ass and said, “You actually think I’d exchange a dip in the pool for a drive through Burger King’s pickup window. Right!”

But anyway, I’d love to crow about everything, but suffice it to say that I put down a deposit. I have to turn in my application tomorrow and pray for the best with the credit check, but I’m feeling good about this one.

I almost didn’t go today. I have a BANGING tension headache, which I always like to say happens when you’ve got too much mess inside your head to contain it all. And I still have the headache (particularly as I was writing out a BAD CHECK, which they promised not to cash right away), but once I walked out of there, I mentally sighed in relief and started plotting my escape from my current abode.

I don’t want to face tomorrow
If we don’t leave this place tonight
I’ve never been more sure
Of anything in my life.

It costs more than my current place, and I’m not thrilled that I’ll have an electric stove (some units have gas, but none of those were available for my desired move-in date) and that I have to pay gas BUT I don’t have control over the dates that the heat goes off and the a/c goes on.

But seriously, that shit? Is minor. It’s cozy, cozy little community, very quiet, AND it has a concierge (!) who plans activities all during the week for residents to mingle.

Read: I’ll get to meet people! I won’t be a hermit forever!

I am SO excited. OMG, SO ready for this. It’s going to be a bitch to GET my shit there, of course, but now that I’ve gotten the place chosen, I can move on to the next step in the process.

I called my mom with my usual cognitive dissonance after I left the place. But she said that I have spot-on judgment in people, places and things and how dare I question myself. If it feels right, then I’ll make it work. And I had to laugh, because it’s the same advice I gave her when SHE moved in November. 🙂

In any event, I did leave the place and explore my new ‘hood, and well, I like it. A lot. I stopped for lunch and just felt good. And I got a balcony for the cats, so they shall be most pleased.

God, my best friend is coming into town in a week, I’m taking some time off from work AND I’m moving to what looks to be THE perfect place. I’m trying very hard to not look up to stare at the meteor that is probably going to wipe out my existence before all of these wonderful things come to pass — this time, I’m going to try believing that I deserve everything fabulous and more. It’s an interesting social experiment, but a successful one nonetheless, I hope. Wish me luck!

7 Responses to I’m in love

  1. Lachlan :

    Good luck, hon! Sounds like a perfect place- and 34 to 4mi?! WOW!

  2. Valbee :

    I was thinking about the posts you’ve written where you talk about your commute and I can only imagine how much you’re shelling out for gas on a weekly basis. Sixty miles less per day (even without traffic jams) should help toward a higher rent payment.

    I’m crossing my fingers for you. 🙂

  3. Sabre :

    Like I’ve always said, nothing bad can come when you toss it out to the Good Mother and ask for her opinion. Sometimes, she gets all Morrigan on you and kicks your ass; other times she’s Brighid and gives you the lovin’. Looks like you got the lovin’.

    4 mile commute? Color me green!

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