A new era


I did go on my date tonight.

I got there about five minutes early and grabbed a hot tea that I never even got to drink. He showed up, minus the dog. Quite honestly, I was expecting he would bring him just in case I didn’t show. And he was worried that I wouldn’t show. In fact, I had been hiding because, even up to 7 p.m., I still wasn’t sure I’d reveal myself.

But I did.

And I’m really glad I did.

Apparently I do have to date men twice my age (or thereabouts) to get all those lovely little courtesies I’d forgotten about. We had dinner. He held the door, got my chair, ordered for us, picked up the check and walked me to my car.

And it was easy to expect it all, too. Because I wasn’t worried whether he liked me. I know he did.

I think I like him. I think he’s a good guy overall. Of course I have my reservations — I have them with everyone — but for good conversation, it’s worth it.

I mean, he thinks I’m interesting. He’s surprised how much I’ve accomplished at this age. I realize in a huge way now that it takes people a lot longer to get where I’ve gotten. And even though I think I’m interesting, it’s nice to have someone acknowledge it and want to see me again so he can learn more.

I agreed to see him again Saturday.

He’s looking forward to it. I can tell.

And I think I am, too.

4 Responses to A new era

  1. Lachlan :

    Be open to the possibilities, my dear. You never know where they might lead.

  2. Extraordinary Girl :

    YEY!! Great news! Stay open to the possibilities, definitely, and see where it leads!

    It’s always a plus if YOU think you had a good time, too. 😉 And it’s not like agreeing to see him again is agreeing to marry him, you’ve still got the decision making power for YOU, don’t forget that!

    Just relax and have a good time; if nothing comes of it as a relationship for whatever reasons, then at LEAST look at it as an experience to help you narrow down what YOU WANT in a boyfriend/date/eventual husband.

    And you know what else? Sometimes all of that above rambling can be SUCH CRAP! So just go with the gut feelings, girl, and have a good time!

  3. michael :

    Congrats on a date good enough to warrant a second!! Here’s hoping the second warrants a third!!

  4. chris :

    There is something to be said for the older folk.

    I’m so glad this worked out well for you so far. no one deserves it more.