As part of my ongoing mission to attract what I want into my life by immersing myself in it, I like to hang out in an affluent neighborhood on the weekends. It’s the only place to be when nothing else is going on. I would love to live there — earlier this year, I looked at some of the condos there, but thanks to the subprime-mortgage debacle, my broke ass ain’t never going to get a mortgage now, and certainly not there.

Anyway, I took the laptop to this area and watched some live music this evening there. I worked on one of my novels and had dinner (yummy spinach crepe) with a tasty cup of ginger-ginseng hot tea. I went out last night, so I preserved today as just a “me” day. I need these reality escapes — I don’t have to talk to a soul, if I don’t choose to. And if someone does strike up a conversation, it’s cool because I’m actually happy to hang with random strangers after a day of near-silence.

So, I was moving around a lot — first from the coffee shop to the crepe shop to the ice cream shop. Funny enough, I’d had a random guy start talking to me at the coffee place, but he didn’t continue the chat. In fact, he left. I was thinking of nominating him for that new VH1 show where some dude who calls himself “Mystery” is showing guys how to get some game.

Later on in the night, I was happily consuming my ice cream cone and grooving to the cover band (it was a chick singer doing lots of late-1990s stuff. Awesome) when I saw a guy with a dog. I wasn’t really aware of him, but I remember thinking it was the cutest bulldog I’d ever seen. And the dog was running up to beautiful women and befriending them, so he had my attention when he suddenly ran up to me to get petted.

His owner followed him and sat with me for awhile. He said that the dog loves ice cream and pretty women, so naturally I would be a target. *blush* We talked for a little while, but everyone kept pulling him away because it seemed like he lived there and all of his neighbors were out for a stroll to hear the band. I wasn’t too concerned — I was too busy picking sprinkles out of my bra from my cone. (Yep, I’m a class act like that.) So, the band took a break and I started playing with my iPhone when the guy tried to make his way back. Not to worry — the dog led him there.

I was playing with Bubbles (the dog, not the man!) when a couple approached the guy. They asked him whether he knew me and his answer was a very cute, “Not yet.” LOL.

I’d already been there several hours and I was over my cone and, frankly, it was getting chilly so I was sort of over that, too. So I tossed my cone and the man and Bubbles followed me. “You’re leaving?” he asked.

I said yeah. Because, well, why not?

He looked disappointed and asked my name (we hadn’t gotten around to that). So we exchanged that and talked about our work and where we live and what not. And it was weird because I usually lie about all of it. I oftentimes say that I live in the city where I work and say that I live way farther away than I actually do. But I was truthful, for some bizarre reason, and it was OK.

So he asked if we could meet up tomorrow night, say around 7 p.m.

And I said yes.

It was that easy.

And I think I’m looking forward to it.

My only reservations are age, because I overheard him talking about his kids being with his ex-wife, and the fact that he’s a little thing. I don’t get where I attract all these stick-figure-skinny guys. I really don’t. But hey, going on the theory that I’ve been wanting to meet someone in person as opposed to this online adventure I’ve been resorting to lately, mission accomplished.

So, I wanted to spend more time in that neighborhood, and I’ve wanted to meet a decent guy in person. Apparently the universe really DOES give you what you want!

I like this lack of pressure about it. The thing I ABHOR about the online dating is that they give me their phone numbers right away. Which means, in their passive-aggressive way, they’re making ME make the first move. And I hate giving out my phone number. I don’t feel like changing it again anytime soon; it’s at the point where it’s mostly only cool people who call it, and I’d like to keep it that way.

This was a simple, “Let’s run into each other at this same spot tomorrow,” and I loved it. I still have the option to not show up, as does he. And that’s how to get — and keep — me. Give me a long enough leash that I can run around on but give me somewhere I can go when I’m tired of humping the neighborhood fire hydrants, and I’m a happy girl.

And I am a happy girl tonight.

One Lonely Response to Bubbles

  1. chris :


    That was excellence in action, Dawn. You rock.

    And i totally think Sprinkles in the bra are a good thing. It’s like dessert on dessert.