Yup, still traumatized. Check.

Cafe Versailles, Miami

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This was one of those days in which I entered the Compound and, within 12 minutes, I was searching for my car keys to drive to the nearest bridge to jump off.

But then I realized the nearest bridge is a block north and another block east. But there’s no parking right by it. And it was already 87 degrees and too damn hot to walk. So I might as well deal with the Calamity of the Day.


I was thinking about the Den of Iniquity, how most of the employees were “A” players. (*Resisting urge to sing “C is for Crackhead” to the tune of Cookie Monster.*)

But wow, we had such a good gaggle of employees. Whatever we were paid or whatever our (useless) titles were, we were a real team. If I had to call someone on a Sunday night, they picked up and fulfilled my request as cheerfully as possible, because I wasn’t calling of my own accord and it was ALL our asses on the line if impulses weren’t accommodated ASAP.

And then you get these kids who have it SO good, and they have no idea. They have never been forced to walk on hot coals with their clothes on fire and a little monkey banging their head between cymbals the whole way. And Satan shoving a hot poker up your ass while Jesse James tattoos your twat and his girlfriend of the week pierces your nipples using a rusty nail.

Yeah, you ain’t never experienced pain, kids. Not till you can top that!

I’m not saying that terrorizing employees is the best way to motivate them. But there is something to be said for hiring more-mature people who work well together as a team, instead of artificially putting a team together (i.e., hiring the lowest bidders, in many cases) and hoping for the best.

I ran into one of my ex-bosses at Publix tonight. I realize I have more ex-bosses than I do ex-boyfriends. It was cool. It was a decent conversation. He hired me where I work now, so I praised him for his good taste and said I hope I hire as well as he does.

(Minus that one whose mug shot appeared in my IM a week after I let her go. That was fun. Good times. I championed her, but he was the one who picked her. We all make mistakes!)

Speaking of mistakes, I had to serve as an ATM again this morning. I made sure to tell the UEOEH that she is getting thrown out on her ass if I see anything so much as resembling cake or candy in this house with my money. The end, no questions asked. So far, I see nothing. Proof that she DOES comprehend what’s said to her! Who knew?

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