Bored senseless today at work. Paper’s supposed to go to the publishing house by close of business … yeah, like that’s gonna happen. We added 24 pages on top of what we usually produce, and we overcame boatloads of obstacles to even get this far, so I’m happy with where we’re at. But unfortunately, I have little to do until about 4 p.m. — that’s when my day should begin, but no, I have to sit here like a princess until I have work to do, just so Pussy Demure can be happy that I even showed up. Oh well. I do have some paperwork I’ve been neglecting — perhaps that will be my afternoon project until I get my paper into my hands for final layout and edits.

I don’t care when the fucking paper gets done, as long as I make it to my nail appointment tomorrow afternoon. My nails look like hell, and for the record, I ain’t so spiffy myself, of late. 🙂 I should probably try to clean poor Samantha Jones before my nails become beautified again — she’s all covered in pollen and it’s a wonder she (and I) aren’t sneezing and bitching from allergies.

The house is so very overdue for a spring cleaning (or any type of cleaning, for that matter). Perhaps I will get my boo-tay to the laundomat on Saturday to wash all of my bedclothes and shower curtains. And I spend $50 per month on cleaning products alone (I could open up a maid service with just what’s in my trunk) … perhaps it is time to actually use them … or hire a maid to use them instead. 🙂

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