Die bitch die

Now that I am rid of our customer service reps (exiled upstairs to a more contained area so I don’t have to hear their yapping), I also lost our little fridge.

Not a big deal, but today I go to have my late-morning snack of cheese and more cheese, and the fridge is gone. *Poof.* So I asked one of the reps where the hell our fridge is. She said snarkily, “Whose fridge?” I stressed, “Um, our fridge.” She noted that it only belongs to the three people in her department (um, did they pay for it? No, but it’s theirs. *sigh*), and that she unplugged it last night so that it could be moved today. So she adds, “Oh, was that YOUR food that spoiled overnight?” I almost ran up the stairs and throttled her. Gee, it wouldn’t have SPOILED if SHE hadn’t unplugged the fridge for 18 hours! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!

She did offer to replace my items (one was a specialty food item, but I digress). I just said, look, I could give a shit about it — I just wondered where my lunch might be. We’ll see if she replaces the stuff. I really don’t care, but if she hadn’t been so fucking rude, I might have let go of it. Glad those assholes are out of my sight and earshot! But now I have to share a dorm-sized fridge with 14 others, which translates into me reverting to eating out every day again. Bleah.

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