Where will I get caught having sex?

*~*First, I’d actually have to be having sex with a partner, right? ‘Electra’ the vibrator doesn’t count, I suppose!*~*


You’ll Get Caught Doing it On the Kitchen Table!

You’re a traditional girl with a flair for romance.

You appreciate a candlelight dinner and a good bottle of wine.

You believe love improves sex, but you’ve been known to be impulsive.

The kitchen table fits your impulsive nature perfectly…

And it’s great for not messing up the bed when you’re having an affair.

On the outside you look proper and even a bit conservative.

But on the inside, you’re hotter than your oven on “Broil”!

– Especially when you start fantasizing about your crush walking in!

Where Will You Get Caught Having Sex?

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