What. The. FUCK?!?!

I am going to start boycotting “American Idol.” It was SUCH a fucking joke tonight!!

Last night was the best night of the competition — Barry Manilow tailored his songs to each contestants’ strengths, and their performances truly reflected how much he had worked with them. Almost everyone was incredible, save for a not-so-hot performance from George Huff, another mediocre performance from Jasmine and another stunningly dismal show from John Stevens.

So tonight, the contestants were grouped into “A” or “B” — “A” being the “Divas” group of my favorites Jennifer and Latoya, as well as Fantasia. Group “B” had the other droppings, along with Diana, whom I do like but she clearly did NOT belong with the vocally powerful girls in Group “A.” Turns out that the Divas were all in the bottom three! What the fucking hell? I was on my two phones with Angie, Shawn and Shannon, bitching up a windstorm and all of us were shrieking, “What?!?! What?!?!?”

Turns out that Jennifer was voted off. You know, I’ve voted for her from the beginning, so it hurts when someone so clearly talented — someone who managed to get better and better every damn show — outlasts red-headed dorkbutt who forgot his words TWICE during the competition and still manages to stay! (And, like Shawn noted, red-head looks absolutely bewildered that he’s “safe” every week when way-more-talented people get the boot.) Latoya was the first one who was safe, and then Fantasia was sent back to the group that will return next week.

You know, people petitioned so hard for that idiot William Hung to return to “Idol,” and that slow son of a bitch has a record deal. I think we should all start boycotting this farce of a show. The running theory is that dumbass kids are voting a million times for the people in their age group, and people like me who swing about six or 10 votes (which is still a LOT) to the most talented are getting drowned out. Look, I don’t love Fantasia, but you’d have to be tone-deaf to not admit that she can sing circles around the remaining contestants (except Latoya, who provides major competition). People need to quit voting for the people they “like” and swing the votes to the real talent.

I’m done. Fuck it. I’ll get the recaps on the news next week — I can’t sit through another disappointment of a show where John and Jasmine keep getting voted back on. I’m sure it’s all a ploy by AT&T Wireless to keep us voting and make us spend even MORE money on text messages, anyway.

I need a bloody mary. Now. Signing off. …

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