What are you doing New Year’s, New Year’s Eve. …

“I’m here, the party’s all around me

You’re there, indifference has found me

Now I know it’s not in fashion,

Wearing heartache on your sleeeve,

But I’m here and you’re there

So who cares what I wear

On New Year’s Eve. …”

— Nina Gordon, “New Year’s Eve —

TBS rules — they alternately showed “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry Met Sally” all night. I had a restless, brief sleep, and I kept tuning in to these two classics. All they needed was to throw in “You’ve Got Mail” and maybe “Prince of Tides” and “Reality Bites,” and I would have been in Dawn heaven.

Shan and I are thinking about having a big soiree at Bennigan’s on South Whiting Street in Alexandria (exit 3A off I-395!) this New Year’s. We wanted to rent out the upstairs party room, but it’s cost prohibitive; however, our friend “DJ Jazzy Jeff” is thinking about biting the cost and setting up his equipment and providing some sounds. At any rate, Shan and I are both tired of nondescript, nonmemorable New Year’s Eves, and we thought it would be nice to ring it the new year on a fun note at our favorite hangout, and we think we’ve got a good mix of people on board to join us.

So, if you’re in the Alex/D.C. area, come on out! It’s cheaper than a hotel package, and if you’re lucky, well, I’m still lookin’ for someone to kiss at midnight. … 😉

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