I is a journalyst

If my interviewee today weren’t all the way down in Charlotte, N.C., I would have patted her on the head. With a brick.

After a few e-mail exchanges, followed by me making like a dozen phone calls to nail her down on an interview time, I randomly called today to see if she had five minutes to spare (she was the one who had told me that we needed to do this over the phone instead of e-mail — it’s for a friggin’ memorial tribute). So, when I started asking questions, she said, and I QUOTE, “I don’t want to give you any quotes.”

Had the coffin not been closed, I would’ve loved to have shoved this one in next to the dearly departed. Oy vey. I of course did get my quotes, but they didn’t invent the phrase “pulling teeth” for nothing. 🙂 I need more challenge than this, although attempting to take a photo of Frosty the Snow-Cow without standing at Chi Chi’s next door to get the whole ass in the shot, well, was challenge enough.

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