Well now

Seems I’ve been doing my job a little bit too well. Ad revenue went up considerably since I stepped into my job — which therefore meant that I stepped up the editorial content — and so I’m producing mega-size issues of the Veggie Patch Gazette. But now, folks are a bit concerned because I’ve officially blown my printing budget.

You know, I work for a national company, and our members don’t really think of it as a membership — they think of it as a subscription to my paper. I’ve gotten many compliments from these members on the content and usefulness of my magazine. But now, it’s looking like I’ll need to pull in the reins and stick to 40 pages, come hell or high water, from now till doomsday.

Which is too bad, because there are so many story ideas and ads, and even though the manpower is limited, we’re still kicking ass and not afraid to do so. I told Demure that Cruise Director, then, needs to decide what he wants to do, because I always plan for five stories (usually more) and then, in midstream, he assigns two or more extra stories that are meant to either get someone out of his hair or pat them on the ass so that they will leave him alone for awhile. And what that means I do is to take on all the stories, which then have to be crowded into the paper.

She attempted to throw it back on me, to say that if I’d just give him a yearly calendar of special issues, he wouldn’t do that. I said I wasn’t falling for that — I would write and/or assign five stories on any given month. But now that my freelance budget is reduced, and now that Cruise Director has taken what’s left of my freelance budget so that we can write these pat-influentials-on-the-ass types of stories, I feel like I’m going to go postal. I don’t expect her to actually help me or give me any good advice — I just thought I’d sound the warning bell as to why I’m burned out. *Poof*

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