BJ Badges

I was chatting with Shawn the other day about blow jobs (as we’ve both given many in our lives!). I declared that I hate giving BJs. Don’t worry men — I don’t hate the act itself (unless you push my head down and force it to stay there — I promise, you will get bitten if you try to pull that shit — put your hands behind your head, and nobody gets hurt!), but I hate it that BJs are always, always expected, yet men don’t equally expect to GIVE as well as receive. At least, not most of the men I’ve been with, although some did, unquestionably, give till it hurt. 😉

So I decided that I will give one and only one blow job to any guy I meet in the future. Shawn said that I should get a special badge for that, like they gave us in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts — would that fall under the Community Service Projects category? ROFL. That way, once I’ve earned the badge, I am under no obligations to go beyond the call of duty — not unless it’s a badge you have to renew every year or re-earn when you “fly-up,” as they call it, to the next level of scouting. 😉

Unless, of course, I find a Boy Scout who’s interested in re-earning his badge in the returns department — in that event, I have no problem with eating meaty popsicles or perpetually cream-filled eclairs on a regular basis!

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