Well, this is just strange. It’s almost 2:15 p.m. and I still haven’t started working yet. Perhaps HRP’s ironic statement that I’d better show up for work wasn’t so ludicrous after all. 😉 Thanks for the email, Charolette!!!

Waiting for a call from 420 Boy to get my act together and go look at the finished magazine before it goes to press. And then … a trip to IKEA!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Paid some bills online today. Ouchie. So sad to see what little money I have, go swirling down the cyber toilet. I avoided Duquesne Light and AT&T Broadband because I know they will be sending me some final totals in the coming weeks (so I can discard the three-month pileup of each account for now. Yay!). Still have to pay student loans and car payment, though, but lord only knows where I will cough up that much money at this given time. Need to start that prostitution ring soon, so I can have an extra stream of income. … 😉 Call me Heidi Fleiss!!!

Somewhat emotional today. Saw some old pix, and remembered some good times with Janna and Kristin others from my early years.

Too tired to breathe right now. And I just smoked my last cigarette, and although 7-11 is literally across the street from me, I have no desire to go out into the 95-degree heat just for that. Oh well … guess I’ll just hafta breathe CLEAN air for a change! 😉

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