Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Just read Charolette’s post about the State of the Union at Two Strikes. My god. Paying benefits based on salary? One wonders if HRP will decide that her janitor/husband should be the one having the family’s insurance coverage taken out of his meager paycheck instead of her inflated one. Poor F/OM has to take the second hardest hit in the agency … there they go again, screwing over the good people. Another reason I am thankful to have left, although I presently have NO coverage because I haven’t yet met with HR at CT to even obtain coverage. Hope I don’t get into any car accidents!!!

Went grocery shopping today after work; although the store is maybe a mile away from the workplace, I still got lost on the way back. Had some melted ice cream in the trunk, so I had to scarf up the melted portions so they wouldn’t spill all over our clean freezer. LOL. Yeah, like I ever need an excuse to wolf down some ice cream! Ha! But I am pleased to report that I cut off two people, like a good little Virginia driver should! 😉

Not much else is news. Haven’t heard from DC Boy, which troubles me. I figure, when I can’t stand the guy, I can’t get rid of him, but when I actually WANT one to call, he doesn’t. This sucks!!! I did email on Sunday; maybe I’ll give a friendly little call tomorrow, for giggles … IF I am in the mood!

CD rack is still standing. Woo hoo!

Work was okay; spent two whole hours working yesterday, before a field trip to IKEA (LOVE my new silver mesh hamper!), and had my first full day at the office today. The pace is way different than Two Strikes — everyone’s so laid-back, so NOT in a rush. My god. At Two Strikes, you tended to feel guilty for not accomplishing 65 things before the end of the day, and the day there did NOT end before 5 p.m., if you were one of the star performers, which I was. I see a very leisurely future at CT, which is fine, because that will give me time to pick up some freelance work so that I can actually afford my expensive little life.

The hot gossip at work is that someone sent a six-page email to 420 Boy’s boss, demanding that someone be fired because she’s a twit. LOL … good luck! Don’t you people know that it’s nearly impossible to fire someone? The woman in question was downright pleasant to me today, but I hear it’s a facade. One nice thing about today, though, was that when 420 Boy was introducing me to the crew, everyone said what a good guy he is. That was nice for him to hear. 🙂

Gonna stop blogging so I can chat with Charolette and get the gossip on the State of the Union address.

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