Ways to give your supervisor a heart attack

Well, it’s just one way.

There is this person running for president of our organization, and she’s a real treat. She’s all about reducing what little power I have (and threatened the CEO, “This discussion isn’t over,” when he tried to support me). This woman also wants me to print the paper in Spanish, too. Because, you know, money grows on trees.

So I told my boss today, “If (bitch on rag) gets elected president, you will have my resignation.” My boss almost fainted — I may not be her favorite employee, but she knows she can count on me.

I did take it back, somewhat, to say that I do still have cats to feed, so I will just accept it but not be happy about it. But the look of horror on her face showed me, for perhaps the first time, that I am a valued employee. Heh. If that’s what it takes. …

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