The world needs a moment of silence, a time-out and/or a good spanking right now.

Stop the damn violence already.

Stop it with the police murdering law-abiding citizens.

Stop it with vigilantes taking white cops’ lives on purpose.

Stop it with the posting photos of your guns on social media and vowing to use them.

Stop it with letting terrorists and bad cops have access to those guns.

Stop it with giving people like me more punishment for only counting to three at a stop sign instead of five more punishment than those who take lives in cold blood.

Stop it with thinking things will organically get better. They haven’t, they aren’t and they won’t.

Say a prayer if you must. But if you think the same smiles of fortune from God that bless rich TV preachers will somehow keep bad people from killing good ones, well. Say one on my behalf too.

Love may very well be the answer. But how do you use it if you’ve never known it?

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