9 months

No, not that kind of nine months. Although mom did say it’s too bad I didn’t have kids since I love Kadie and most animals so much. 

(Hard to meet people in my life situation. Hard to meet people without wives or mental issues, or with good jobs, too. But I digress.)

Speaking of dicks, I’ve decided not to put my fights with the landlord, neighbors or myself in this space anymore. No need to let people into that part of my life. 

But I will say I am re-signing the lease under duress — through March 30 for $75 more a month. I negotiated it down from $100. Fucker needs to quit impregnating all his “business” partners. His babies need Gucci shoes, apparently. 

They tell me how I’m a favorite/beloved tenant. Funny way of showing it. 

This gives me nine months to get my shit together. To either give up on, or make it work in, South Florida. To either get promoted or get religion or get laid something else to get happy about. 

Tick tock …

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