Throw this bitch a bone

I left work at 3 for a late lunch, and I never went back. Sure, I have plenty to do (and some of it is overdue), but my headache never really got better and I was craving a sandwich from the mall, so off I went. I ended up purchasing a toaster oven, as my microwave is still in Pittsburgh and will be till I haul my ass up there for (maybe) Labor Day. Luckily, I had a $50 G.C. to Hecht’s, and the oven only cost about $24 after the G.C. was deducted. w00t! I picked the prettiest one (rather than the most functional), in black and chrome.

I left the Patch with VMs still unheard. Cruise Director has this habit of leaving you messages while you’re sitting right there, so you know for a fact that he did not dial you directly — you know he wasn’t in the mood to speak to you. I have no problem with this. At Two Strikes, HRP reveled in picking up the phone and ripping you a new one, at the highest possible volume and regardless of who was in your presence. And Demure, my current “boss” (and I use that term loosely), refuses to pick up her own phone but goes apeshit if you don’t answer yours. Trust me, she will hunt your ass down, even if it means tracking you down in the jane or in the upstairs kitchen, because everything’s a crisis to her. She hunted me down at Shan’s desk one night at 8 p.m. to tell me she had been searching everywhere for me to give me a piece of paper I had been looking for. Shit, if she’d have left it on my chair, I think I would have known where it would have come from, eh? She’s just one of those people who does the least thing and seemingly expects a gold star for her forhead. I hate people like that. I am someone who quietly does my thing and expects little to nothing in the way of recognition. People like her sound the damn trumpets every time they dislodge the hair that found its way up their asses.

But, as always, I digress. It’s been lovely having Demure on vacation the past week or so. It will be devastating to me when she finally drags her crusty ass back on Wednesday or Thursday (dear god, if you’re out there, let it be Thursday. Or Friday. Throw a girl a bone down here!).

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