These are a few of my favorite foods. ..

Having a 4 a.m. craving for Primanti Bros. sandwiches (or sammiches, as we called them in Pittsburgh). While the Steelers’ loss to the Titans in today’s football match prevents them from entering the Super Bowl, the world’s best sandwiches live on in the hearts of our friends in Tennessee. And to thank us, you’d have thought they would’ve been gracious enough to have forfeited the game to us, right?

Now when is somebody gonna serve me a sammich with fries and coleslaw here in D.C.? I’m in withdrawal!!! *shudder, snarl, shake, growl — craving Mancini bread. …*

Do yourself a favor — if you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, go there first. And then go back the next day. Have a pastrami, a roast beef, a ragin’-cajun chicken, whatever floats your boat. Skip the cheesesteak, but get fries in a gravy boat. Trust me. You will worship me for doing yourself this favor. Pittsburghers either throw things between two slices of bread, deep fry it or drown it in gravy. You’ve never seen a friendlier city — because everyone’s stuffed and happy.

Link and nostalgia inspired by Tiff.

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