Stopped by the Veggie Patch yesterday for a moment — thought I’d wade through some e-mails in-between errands and meeting Shan for dinner. Noticed that IKEA Boy’s old office carpet had been professionally cleaned — it smelled and looked really good. I’d been quizzed repeatedly over the “mustard incident,” as they liked to call it. I was vague about it when they asked — all I’d done was put in a request for the cleaning crew to take extra care with cleaning, the evening that he resigned. I was also interrogated about a few other events — again, I was vague and said I wasn’t completely present when shit went down. And I chose to omit the cigarette incident — seems that the Town Crier took good enough notes on everything else that she saw/heard/imagined.

The “mustard incident” has been a source of great amusement among my friends. The phrase “Colonel Mustard” popped out of my mouth at an opportune moment, and I believe it was Tiff, a dedicated “Clue” fan, noted, “IKEA Boy, in the office, with the mustard.” lol. Yes, humor has definitely been one of the few threads holding my sanity in check this past week.

Unrelated, Shan and I realized that, despite the inhumane torture that was the Veggie Patch Holiday Fiesta, well, we were really the only ones who had fun. It was a boring bunch — after dinner, everyone just sat in their chairs and stared at each other. Granted, a small number of folks got up on the dance floor, but the rest — including the few managers who showed up — looked like they were miserable. We, on the other hand, giggled maniacally for the two painful hours that we were there — we know how to make the best out of a bad situation. That, and we just decided to enjoy each other’s company. And to laugh at Town Crier’s expense. 🙂 It was bad enough that we didn’t have dates that night, but shit, to spend our unpaid time with that group? Looking at Town Crier and Co. was just not our idea of fun, but once again, we got each other through it, something we will continue to do for a long time to come. …

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