That’s what I get for picking up my phone

Every Wednesday, one of the boys gets brave enough to start hinting around about the weekend

Which is proper. He might have been raised right. 

However, I always either drop out of the conversation or dismiss the idea before it can even be broached.  And I’m home free. Generally. 

Today I didn’t get so lucky. 

He texted while I was driving home. To ask if he could have the honor of taking me out Friday.

It’s been four hours and I haven’t replied. 

I can’t be on social media because then i will have to reply. So at this point I’m just pretending I died or something. 

Like my friends say, if a guy is going to get pissy and leave you at a bar when he was the one who took you there, why on earth would you voluntarily go out with him again?

Mom is a little more forgiving, although not much. She said you don’t have to sleep with him. Um, wasn’t planning to. 

I want friends. I want love. But why does this one think that it might be him?

Last time I let a guy wear my defenses down (and I had them up when it came to him for a long time. Eight years if you can believe it), it turned out interestingly. 

Very interestingly. 

But …

But in the end he’s just another guy who survived the chase and decided that was good enough once he got the girl. 

He didn’t need to keep her. Not even after he got her to feel the way he said he did. 

Which is fine. I think he did care. I know he still does. But that just wasn’t enough. 

In any event, I have zero desire to be in that situation again. So I can’t put myself in it. 

And silence is the kinder response than what I really want to say about it all. 

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