Summertime sadness

I just let Evil Landlady 6 know that I’m not staying.

She said she was just about to put my lease renewal in my door.

I said I usually get it in December. So I figured with the construction, my lease wasn’t eligible for renewal.

She said not true and oh hey by the way you’re supposed to give 60 days’ notice.

I said funny, my new lease starts April 1. Not gonna happen. Maybe if I had known sooner, I would have responded sooner.

I tried to be nice about it. I said I will miss the view. I said six years is long enough to be in one place. I said I know the place will be beautiful when they finish their renovations (in 2047. *cough*).

But I’d appreciate finishing out the month and taking a few extra days to clean, if that’s OK with her.

What I didn’t say is everyone else I know moved in the middle of the night with like 10 minutes’ notice.

I didn’t say I think you guys already ran out of money and the construction has all but stopped BUT half the building is still boarded up.

I didn’t say your maintenance guy is useless and I’d love to not fall in a pothole eight different times before I get to my car.

I definitely didn’t say the construction dust is making my cat and my mom sneeze their heads off constantly.

I didn’t say the pool is unusable with construction and I still didn’t use it before because it had turds and cum in it most days.


Instead I focused on how I’m going to miss being able to drop a penny from my balcony and have it hit the Intracoastal Waterway.

I thought about all those beautiful eastern sunrises I can see over the ocean. And the western sunsets and their pink and orange streaks that take my breath away.

I thought about walking to the pier for bonfires.

I thought about how, after a full day of crazy, I could ride the A1A home and enjoy the scenic drive.

She said I can think about it overnight, if I want to change my mind. She won’t raise my rent and she’s willing to do a seven-month lease.

Too bad I’ve already spent thousands on the new place. THOUSANDS. And more to come for the move itself.

I’m starting to get that sick-sad feeling I had as I left D.C. for the last time …

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