Tan in a can

Decided to split the only hour of TV worth watching tonight between 30 minutes of the “90210” reunion and “Six Feet Under.” Then I watched the final reunion montage and got all weepy and stupid. “Six Feet Under” absolutely rocks, although it’s eerie how often it parallels my world. I’ve most often identified with Claire, although I was fearing recently that I’d end up just like Lisa, but now that Lisa is missing and presumed dead, I’m back to feeling Claire’s pain.

Talked with Gail, Susan and Mom today … didn’t chat with my mom-to-be friend, but we’ll catch up tomorrow. Gail filled me in on her job horrors (we met on the job five years ago) and the boss from hell who hasn’t changed a bit.

Shan and I talk often of the “trail of tears” — that is, leaving one wretched job for another. Trading bad for bad, exchanging intolerable actions at one place to different intolerable actions at another.

I chose not to work this weekend. Didn’t feel like leaving the house today — I was enjoying spending Mother’s Day alone with my furry little daughter. I usually clean during my weekends by myself, but other than hauling a garbage avalanche to the curb, I didn’t do much else worth a mention. Used my foot sauna and enjoyed it immensely. If I know me, now that I’ve used it two times, I’ll return it to its box and forget I ever bought it. 🙂 Now I’m drying out from applying tan-in-a-can. I am just tired of being pasty, and I found a good brand at the dollar store, so I had to use it. I’m kinda up-and-down lately moodwise; I usually dye my hair when I’m feeling this bland and annoyed in general, but I couldn’t find a good brand on sale, nor could I decide whether to go dark or play up the red a little bit more (and I look hideous as a blonde — and the carpet would definitely not match those drapes!

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