Always something

I am trying to reschedule today’s nail appointment — it seems there is a mandatory training that I was drafted to attend, only the thing is, King Kumquat is only now having Shan notify us about this ridiculous training in a few hours.

Granted, I’ve known about it for a week, and so has my supervisor, but Kumquat insisted that he be the one to send out the e-mail to announce it. Demure (my boss) has been flipping out and frothing at the mouth at Shan about this, panicking because staff haven’t been notified by Kumquat, but she’s an asshole. What Demure should have done was notified her staff about the training as soon as she heard about it (we have an outside consultant coming in; it’s not like the date was flexible). I just don’t see why people insist on upholding a chain of communication around here some times (i.e., you can only correspond with your direct supervisor), and other times, your direct supervisor withholds information until somebody else wants to tell you about it. And when we’re talking about Kumquat, he’s a nice guy but he isn’t exactly in a rush to disseminate information — instead, he’s got a very pregnant Shan running around the building, begging people to attend this ridiculous training.

I won’t even go into detail about how Kumquat ripped into Shan for 20 minutes, insisting that this is all her fault. She has the voicemails from him to prove otherwise — that he didn’t want her to have any part of this process — so how she kept from popping him in the puss is beyond me. After a great Mother’s Day (yes, you heard it here first — she’s going to be a Mommy!), she had to come back to this shit. This place has such a way of raising her blood pressure and ire (same goes for me, but at least I’m not living for two) — we need to get her out of here first, then me.

I just left a bitter VM for Demure, stating that I will do my level best to attend the training, but that I have to either delay or cancel my appointment (I alluded to it being a medical one), and she called back to tell me I don’t have to attend. LOL. Damn, I’m good! But I know that the more people Shan can round up to attend this useless hour of training, the less Kumquat will get on her back — again, it will be her fault, per him. Although, as always, any victory she does manage to have, he will take credit for. I did ask Demure why, if she knew about this training for a week, she didn’t at least warn her staff to pencil it in until it was confirmed by Kumquat. She avoided the question.

Mailroom Dipshit left me a VM this morning, after I called him on Friday with a request to fix my name in the company phone directory. The only reason he fixed it is because I dropped the names of our current and incoming presidents, both of whom brought the error to my attention. Just to show how little he has to do, he just called me a few seconds ago and said, “Did you get my message?” I said yes. Then there was silence. I wasn’t going to make it easy on him … what did he want, a “Congratulations for flipping a switch” banner or a victory parade thrown in his honor? So finally, he said okay, and I did say thank you, and we hung up. Ergh. Always something around here … and it’s always something rotten.

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