Sweet libation

Subtitle: Ow, my head, part 2

Fun, fun night. Michael showed up, as did The Billy, whom I met for the first time. And of course, what night would be complete without Kirby, Topsi and Jynx? 🙂

I had arrived at the soiree with wine, munchies and a Dawn-snit that quickly washed away with wine, shots and raspberry vodka. We drank and ate ourselves silly. And smoked. Oh god, seven smokers in one room, each lighting up at the same time, cigarette after cigarette. My cheeks are rosy and my lungs are black. And I took a Diet Coke with a shot of raspberry vodka on the road, which was most helpful as I fought with the gas pump on the way home (as my dear Samantha Jones was running with the needle falling below the big “E.”) Crown really needs to do something about those friggin’ pumps — even I can’t work the fucking things in fewer than three tries.

Shawn and I sat around B.S.ing on the deck as I sobered up after everyone left. Life was good tonight — good friends, good conversations, good movie, good bonding time. I let go of a lot of things that have been eating away at my tired little brain, and I realized again how lucky I am to have this incredible circle of friends.

I made contact with my buddies Chris and Leslie and Susan (separately) this weekend, and of course Shan. Life is good. Tomorrow’s hangover will be anything BUT; however, I’m feelin’ damn good right now. County fair with Dave tomorrow; I promise, I’ll be awake — just not alert! 😉

Must.Change.Litterbox.When.I.Get.Up. Good lord, can that cat poop!!!

Sweet dreams, y’all. …

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