Ow, my head

It’s either the massive amount of thinking I just spent the last hour doing, or it’s the repeated banging of my noggin off blunt objects.

Great weekend so far. Busy, busy. Now I’m scrubbing my butt and otherwise getting ready to spend an evening at Shawn’s with Scott, Bryan and Paul, as well as whoever else shows up. Just a bunch of swingin’ single girls, drooling over Pierce Brosnan in “Die Another Day”!

I think I’ve made a new friend, and I finally was bold enough to ask for us to meet in person. I’m waiting breathlessly for an answer. Here’s to hoping my schedule doesn’t get too messed up b/c of work to preclude this meeting from happening. I’ve been postponing this meeting forever, and finally, I realized it was time. When someone intriguing shows an interest in you, you need to run with it or you may just lose your chance. I’m not losing my chances anymore — I’m not happy when I *could* have done something and I didn’t. No more *coulds,* friends. I’m getting old, and I’m going to milk every last bit of excitement and amusement out of this life that I can.

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