Last year I was out of town for Winterfest. Not that I was out seeing the sights where I was, something that bugs me to this day. 

But in any event, I wanted to make it up to mom for last year being a fizzle. 

It was even more of a fizzle this year. 

I have a usual spot to park in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. We either watch from atop one bridge or below another. No walking. Easy peasy. 

This year I discovered Lauderdale cops are almost as bad as Boynton ones. Minus the thirst for rape and assault and murder. But still. Jagoffs one and all. 

The cops turned away thousands of people. Young and old, wheelchairs and strollers. 

The problem with the treasure coast is that everything along the water, whether the Intracoastal or ocean, is privately owned. 

Benihana was happy to charge you $145 to sit on a cheap folding chair for two hours. 

As for the rest of us who are used to standing on the bridge, this year we were told to go home. 

So we all wandered around to parking lots and other nooks and crannies, only to be told to leave. 

I found s little spot where we could sort of see the boats. I was just happy to be there. But mom said she loves big boats and screw everyone since she can’t see them. 

We left. I mean it really was pointless that we got there hours early for nothing. 

She’s afraid this could be her last one. And she missed it.  If that’s true, it like many things will haunt me for life. 

I started looking at apartments that face the parade route. Since that’s the only way civilians can see it. If work won’t let me move to the west coast then I’ll just settle for a ridiculous commute. 

So yesterday was a waste and now all errands get crammed into today. Yay. 

The only lights we saw. 


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