My turn

I just ordered the cutest Christmas ornament on Etsy. 

And as is my default, I thought of at least six people who would love one, too. 

But as is my real default, I put seven of them in my shopping cart.  You know, instead of just sending a link to potentially interested parties. 

In the end I bought two. One for mom and one for “just in case.” Whether that’s an emergency gift or a backup in case it breaks or something for my desk is anyone’s guess. 

I have never given a gift to get anything back. I’ve never traveled to see someone or put them up in a hotel down here or bought them a meal with the foggiest notion that it was somehow now “their turn.”

But …

It cannot always be my turn. 

Can it?

You have no idea how weird it is for me to think of someone and then do nothing with that thought. 

Maybe I’m finally growing … and not just in clothing size. 

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