It’s friggin hot in the hacienda today. My rambunctious kitten Kadi tore out the screen door to the balcony so she could get a tan on the balcony while I was out this afternoon. So the little shit is sitting in her cage right now so that I can keep the door open until I get a new screen, whenever the apartment management decides that will happen.

Maddie is happily lying inside the open door right now — she knows she has it good here and has no desire to run screaming from our little abode. I hope, anyway. 😉

Sorry I’ve been off the earth for the past few weeks, kids. I’m in one of those moods where I will probably injure someone psychologically or physically without a moment’s thought, and it’s best if I just hibernate for the time being. Work has just been for absolute shit lately, and I’ve got the resume updated and ready to send to anywhere that won’t siphon my will to live. I’m not real keen on going back into the hell of job interviews and the standard claims to be perky and organized and a team player (y’all know I ain’t NONE of the above!), but I’ve reached the point of where I’ll crack if I don’t get out of my crazy routine and do something that is creative, challenging and personally satisfying (other than masturbation!).

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