Spotted cow

It’s a shitty day in the neighborhood. It went wrong from the first minute I awakened. I gave in to having a spotted cow early on and resigned myself to a hideous day. I was not disappointed, then, when the day just went to total hell in an Easter basket immediately thereafter and kept on trucking.

But the late afternoon has been looking up. I heard from my buddy Lori, and speaking of Easter baskets, my mom’s Easter package to me arrived a day late, but it got here anyway. Mmmm, raspberry truffle egg from Sarris Candies. Damn, I’ve missed having Sarris products in my local stores! This is the first year I haven’t had somebody at work harassing me to buy Sarris Candies for their kid’s soccer/baseball/cheerleading group. Bummer. Mom really does think of everything — including the earrings, perfumes and new Ani DiFranco CD she sent. Did I ever mention how much Mom rocks?

Well, dance classes begin this evening. At least they’ll get me outta this hellhole for an hour. 🙂

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