Speaking in tongues, part 2

Shan and I made a quick breakfast run to Chez Mickey’s, where I chose to abstain from ordering (Shan just seemed like she needed some company). And thank god I did. First, they told her the total was $4.07. When she got to the pay window, they said it’s $4.18. We went to the pickup window, where they handed her the wrong drink. She said no, in fact, that’s not what she ordered, and for that matter, was the sandwich wrong too? In fact, it was, and this woman started bitching in half-Spanish at her that no, in fact, she did not order what she said she ordered. I had listened to her order as well as the total, and I had to reassure her that she wasn’t losing her mind. So then the woman started screaming at someone in the fry line in full-out Spanish — practically burst our eardrums in the car. Cripes, will there ever come a day when you spend less than 20 minutes at the Chez Mickey drive-thru?

I’m home for lunch today. When I pulled in this morning, I immediately wanted to back out and run for the hills. I’ve been left pretty much alone thus far today, other than a query from our next president about our stupid Spanish column. I responded to him and to Cruise Director that those arrive irregularly at best, and although I’ve asked Town Crier to look into getting those supplied to me a year or a quarter in advance, I’ve heard nothing. I chose not to copy her on the e-mail, and what was funny was that when she responded to the query (I was copied on it), she contradicted what I wrote by saying that we always, always have several columns on hand at any given time. What a fucking joke!

Just goes to show that while the right hand (me) is on top of things, the left hand is always playing with itself. No wonder nothing ever gets done correctly.

Cruise Director asked me to run a regular, supplied column every month. So, as I am trying to keep my page count in check, I am getting more editorial content. Sheesh. Seems like somebody (moi) has to put on the fighting gloves and demand a budget adjustment. Or I just take the extra stuff and do less work. Hmm, what ever shall I do? 😉

I had a dream that I personally wrote a column (instead of just straight news features), a la “Sex and the City” (which is shaping up to be an awesome summer read for me, BTW). I would love to write first-person accounts of whatever I see and know. And I will, just not for my own publication. I think that’s my goal this summer, to get an SATC-type column going somewhere, only not about sex, ’cause I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout that. 😉

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