‘Movin’ on Up’

We got the lease renewal the other day; last night, we found out that our rent is being jacked up almost $200/month in order for us to go month-to-month. Gaah, with everything that goes wrong in this place, one would think we’d get a friggin’ discount for putting up with it. And now that the weather is warm and I’ve been keeping the windows open, I am treated to hysterical Hispanics screaming on the sidewalks. Sweet Jesus, are all apartment complexes like this around here?

Tiff and I are going apartment-browsing this weekend. We’ll probably hang on to the current pad till Sept. 1 or maybe even Aug. 1, if we find a good special somewhere — and who wouldn’t want to have two fabulous young ladies taking two apartments in whatever residential facility appeals to us? 😉 It would be neat to be next-door to each other, so that we can go wireless and therefore, split the bills for DSL. Oh, to dream — keep your fingers crossed! It’s expensive to live in these here parts, and I’m certainly not above keeping a low DSL/cable bill, as I would probably forego it all on my own. (Well, I’ll definitely get DSL — I refuse to pay another phone company to screw me over. MCI is still fretting over the fact that I blocked them from greedily depleting my bank account any further. LOL.

Much as I’ve bemoaned the fact that many of my earthly possessions are in boxes, just as many are not. Not to mention, but when I haven’t felt like pawing through a box for something, I’ve been known to run to the store to buy another one. I do NOT look forward to moving all of my crap across the city, but as Tiff pointed out, it’s easier to move across town than across the Eastern seaboard, where we got rocked for $1,800 for the evil empire of so-called professional movers. I’m not quite sure why they decided to put my kitchen furniture in my bedroom at the new place, but I was so happy the furniture showed up (three and a half days later than expected), the bruises didn’t hurt all that badly because at least I had furniture to move around. 🙂

Maddie is going to be one of my professional movers this year. I’m sure I can strap something to her back and make her useful! And as for the stuff she can’t lift, I have to resort to bribery of human friends… I’d resort to paying in oral favors, but something tells me that with my friends (most or all of whom like men), that just wouldn’t work. But don’t worry guys — I’ll think of somethin’. 😉

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