Sniper Fucks with the Feds

I don’t want to say that it’s a GOOD thing that the most recent sniper victim was an FBI special agent, but I don’t want to imply that it’s a bad thing, either.

FBI agents have a shitty lot in life, because their own are always getting offed. But the positive side of that is that when they get pissed, things happen. This case is going to get cracked, probably sooner rather than later, because now we’ve got the Feds on the warpath. Hell, even the Pentagon may become involved.

I’m more convinced than ever that our sniper is really a merry band of snipers. There are too many police composites out, consisting of: White Chevrolet Astro-type minivan with a ladder rack on its roof; Ford Econovan with a ladder rack on its roof; white box-type truck. Etcetera etcetera. Perhaps all three are truly correct composites, but a little bit of switching is going on amongst the perpetrators. Perhaps a white- or cream-colored van is planted in the same area as a box truck, so that when the box truck gets away, the van is stopped, searched and released — hence, we think, oh well. Better luck next time. Blah.

I have SO FRIGGIN’ MUCH WORK TO DO, yet I’m meeting IKEA Boy and one of his buddies for dinner. I’m gonna be here till goddamn Doomsday, pulling my articles together. Don’t expect any masterpieces this month, kids. Expect miracles. ‘Cause I sure am!

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