Snapshot of inhumanity

I treated myself to lunch at Fuddrucker’s the other day, and I saw something that depressed the shit out of me. I sat in the smoking section; just a few feet away, a family was having a 6th birthday party for a little boy. The grandfather came over to my section to have a cigarette, and that’s when the family decided to light the candles and sing to the kid. The grandfather looked so hurt that the second he stepped away was the moment they celebrated the little runt. I also noticed that the grandmother was still eating her burger when they started singing.

I don’t know — it just seems like a sad commentary on the state of the family, maybe because it reminded me of my own. My grandfather loves his smokes, and my mom is allergic to smoke, not to mention that she hates the habit in general. Anyway, I saw the kid’s mom and the other kids at the table start gorging themselves on blue-frosted cupcakes, and the grandparents just seemed to be left out. You just don’t DO that — I know the party is all about the kid, but don’t invite the family if you don’t plan to celebrate as one.

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