Random Saturday blogging

The notebook: Started a new journal today. I was waiting for something good to happen, so that my first entry would be a great one. At the rate I’m going, I wouldn’t start the journal for the next five years, so there you have it. A complicated, all-over-the-place entry. Like the dozens that will follow it. Yay. I am planning to see “The Notebook” this afternoon — I have my period and simply need a reason to cry instead of the insane outbursts I’ve been having over nothing at all!

Vodka, party of one: I bought some Absout Peppar (for bloody marys) and vanilla vodka (best mixed with diet ginger ale). That should be enough for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

Say goodnight, not goodbye: Shan sold her place last night. Movers are coming on the 15th and the official move-out is July 30. The realtor and buyers left after midnight last night, and when she went to turn out the lights on her deck, she noticed a ladybug on the sliding door. If you’ll recall, we love ladybugs as a sign of luck and bounty. If ever she needed a sign that packing up her life in D.C. and starting all over on the west coast was the right thing to do, there you have it.

Party like it’s 1776: Fourth of July party tomorrow. I bought triple-mousse cake slices from the Alexandria Bakery and Pastry Shop. I thought I’d be clever and not spend $30 on a whole cake, but I got gouged for $5 per slice of cake for the party attendees. Jesus H. I did sneak a slice of tiramisu for myself when I got home, and it was well worth it. Although after that sticker shock, that cake should have eaten me, plain and simple.

Tips and ass: Chris sent me a photo of a tip a customer gave him: a big fatty. Nice.

The crazy redhead in 201: I’ve noticed that the men in the building across from me stand on their porches to smoke. And I’ve noticed that they stare into my apartment, where I’m usually half-clothed, pounding away at the keyboard, plotting my master plan of evil and destruction. One day I will sit with my legs together when I’m wearing a skirt. Today, however, is not that day.

Get more (frustrated), Payless: I told you months ago about the jackass at the Springfield Payless store who sexually harassed me. So I stopped going there. Guess what? I think he was transferred to the Landmark Mall store! I had seen a lovely pair of heels at the Kingstowne store, but they didn’t have my size, so the female salesperson printed out a list of where I could find the shoes (read: Springfield and Landmark). I took my chances on Landmark yesterday, only to get molested by Habib the cabbie. Same pushy manner as the fucker at the Springfield store — just my luck, it seems they transferred the asshole to the store closest to me. Guess that means I can start shopping at Springfield again! (Being, of course, that I ran out before I bought the shoes at Landmark. *grumble*)

On iTunes: Lara Fabian, “I Will Love Again”

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