Sigh of relief

D.C. Car Inspection/repairs: $300 (and three hours)
D.C. Car Registration/fees for expired tags: $300 (and two hours)
D.C. License: $40 (and two hours)

Surviving two trips to the mechanic, four trips to the DMV, two surly employees and three wonderful ones, 20 phone calls to various people who could make this happen: Priceless, as now — today! finally! — my car is legal and registered and titled and happy and snug in her newfound anonymity (as I gave up the vanity plates. *sniffle*).

Moreover, starting life over from scratch: Brilliant.

2 Responses to Sigh of relief

  1. Tiff :

    So, someone (and I forget who it was) at the wedding leaned over to me and said, “So, the car with the I-BLOG plates in the parking lot MUST belong to one of your friends, right?”

  2. Caterwauling :

    […] I won’t repeat what a fustercluck it was to get my f’ing car inspected/registered in good old D.C., but the price tag was what got my goat, even more than how we have a fucking DMV that does nothing for you and you’re the asshole doing all the legwork. […]