Perpetuating stupidity

Why do the idiots scrambling to play Gene Pool Survivor seemingly have the loudest voices in the anti-abortion movement?

And say what you will about my politics (if you must), but when the anti-abortionist police are quoting from “The Onion,” you realize the next generation of poster children for the procedure has arrived.

The first line of the post:

Here are some quotes from a pro-abortion person, Miss Caroline Weber, who wrote an article at The Onion online magazine.

Can you say “Darwin Award”? I knew you could. 😉

Via Sabre. And there’s a great commentary over at Sufficient Scruples in case Dee Dee Dee rips down the post.

One Lonely Response to Perpetuating stupidity

  1. Neil Morse :

    The putz wrote a followup post where he thinks Caroline Weber still exists.