‘She’s Smilin’ in the Glass’

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“You’re askin’ her to dance now
She spins a solid white light
She gonna make love to you today
Today and every night.”

— Beth Hart, “By Her”

T-15 hours till we pull outta this joint and head to the Great White North for 48 hours of … well, I don’t know what, exactly. Not being anywhere near home or work or anything like that. *Squee!*

I haven’t packed. Just gave myself the world’s hastiest pedicure. And really — it’s all good. Nothing that can’t be overcome with a little sleep and a LOT of hustling to get my work done in the morning.

The UEOEH actually washed all my clothes. I’m shocked. I rarely wash clothes because the W/D is in the master bath. And who has the master bedroom? Ain’t me! And I stay as FAR away as possible, lest conversation is engaged and I get to hear in person how mean I am instead of just via e-mail.

I have two new pairs of glasses. That my optometrist is about to staple to my head like I’m Eric Cartman. Sigh. I hate wearing glasses. But I’m not a candidate for Lasik because I’m farsighted and he said it’s only for nearsightedness.


The glasses are cute. I have a brown jeweled pair for casual, and a black jeweled pair for dress-up. I surprisingly don’t have a headache, but my eyes are ready to defect from my head from being corrected all day. Yeesh.

I moved into a new office this week. It’s nice having a door, even though the walls are paper-thin. It actually feels like I have some amount of authority, especially because there are only two offices in our whole building. 🙂

Of course, I find I have a lot of free time, being down one employee. Which is not the way it’s supposed to be, right? Which means I made the right decision. But, alas, le sigh nonetheless.

Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day, indeed. And I look forward to the road trip, the ghost-hunting, the cozy hotel, and (I’m sure) the world tour of restaurants that we will pack into our weekend away.

And it will feel good to be about 250 miles closer to someone I miss, although I won’t be truly happy till we’re sharing the same breath again. But that will come soon enough. I am sure of it.

“She may be waiting
‘Round the comer of your mind
But still you know she’s there
You can feel her inside.”

One Lonely Response to ‘She’s Smilin’ in the Glass’

  1. Lachlan :

    Umm, not true re: farsightedness- it can correct it. Your optometrist is an idiot. The place I went to does it, in fact. I’m not up on what the best place in your area is, but do some looking. Also- just an FYI, if you have an FSA benefit with your work, you can use that to pay for LASIK. 🙂

    Enjoy your time away from UEOEH!