Pussy Demure, IKEA Boy’s boss, put her Depends on sticky-side up today. Or do they even have a sticky side? lol — at any rate, somebody’s panties are in a bunch, and hell will be paid.

We have to get our publication reprinted because of one word. One fucking word! IKEA Boy wrote a story about our association in the 1990s, and a former president talked about having to fire an executive director. Well, even though the talk of firing the man was a direct quote, Pussy Demure made us collect all the newspapers that had been distributed, and after a meeting this afternoon with the current executive director, Jackie Chan, we’ll give the go-ahead to the printers to burn $20K to reprint. I think she’s just nervous because she gave us final approval on the article — Jackie Chan didn’t, and he’s usually the final pair of eyes.

I understand that “fired” is an incorrect term, and that as part of the paperwork that documented the man’s exile from our organization, no one was to speak about his leaving on bad terms. Oopsie. But really, that wasn’t our fault internally — the past president who flapped his yapper is of sound mind and knew that his statements would be used for publication. Further, as far as I am concerned, Pussy Demure KNEW she was the last pair of eyes to see the story, because Jackie Chan was out of the office and we had to go to press that day. Furthermore, the story was late because Jackie Chan and the past presidents were late in submitting their interview quotes to IKEA Boy.

As Sheela and I would have said when we were at Easter Seals, “WHAT A PRODUCTION!!!”

From what I’ve gathered, more than 20,000 copies have dropped throughout the country already, leaving 40,000 in limbo at the print shop. Oy vey. We might as well drop the rest and take our chances.

I’m just hoping that this is the worst of it. I can think of a few more things they may question, but as far as I am concerned, any issues dealing with a person’s dismissal should be handled with kid gloves, especially in print. But for the fact that we’re squabbling over a direct quote, well, it seems a non-issue. I just can’t believe we’re going to drop $20K to change ONE WORD!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

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